Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was driving behind a red truck Wednesday when I noticed someone had written in the dirt on the tailgate, "I wish my wife was this dirty".

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Of course, I love both and started out jammin' on single card jams in 2001. But does anyone still do those? That's where 3 to 4 artists work on one card and the starting artist sends quality copies to all the participants upon receiving the completed card. With round robins three artists work on three cards and all participants end up with an original rather than a copy. That's great, but I still love working on both. I've gotten quite a few single card jams sent back to me with the question "Where are the other two cards?" or the comment that they only do the three card jams.

I want it all. Comment here if you want it all too, and if you are still into single card jams, I will send you a starter for you to work on and send to a third artist. I have plenty started already so there is no waiting. If you prefer only round robins, I understand and will be glad to only send you the 3 card jams.