Saturday, August 02, 2008


A lot of free websites are like drugs. They get you hooked on all the cool free stuff you can do and then they say now that you are addicted, it's really gonna cost ya. So I will be leaving the following website: Flickr I got a free pro account with my att/yahoo dsl account and after several years of some amazing Flickr stuff, hey, now it's not free anymore.

Here's the notice I got:

From: Flickr HQ
Subject: [Flickr] Your Flickr Pro Account Is About to Expire

Hi heymaggie,

We have an important update about your Flickr Pro account. Beginning January 2009, AT&T Internet members will no longer receive free Flickr Pro.

All AT&T Internet Flickr pro accounts will be converted to free Flickr accounts, which are subject to some limits. You can read more about the limits of a free Flickr account here:

Your Flickr Pro account will expire on: 1st February, 2009. This date includes any existing months of Flickr Pro that you may have purchased prior to receiving your free Pro account through AT&T Internet Service.

You can purchase another year or two of Flickr pro goodness here:

And to thank you for staying with us, you'll get two additional months at no cost when you renew Pro at the regular price of $24.95 a year.

To find out more:

The Flickreenos

Almost everything I get on my att/yahoo email is spam, even though I have a spam filter. It probably won't work until I start paying for it. Oh, wait, I do pay for it. Also my cool looking att/yahoo homepage, which I also pay for, is just chock full of ads that interest me not one whit.

Well, can't do much about it except complain, so I'll be complaining quite a bit till they start charging me for that too.